Book One – The McTavish Girls

In the summer of 2001, Annie McTavish, a student in London, returns to her home in the Scottish Highlands, accompanied for the first time by her boyfriend Paul, a struggling artist. Her mother runs an inn overlooking a secluded loch where successive generations of feisty, redheaded McTavish women have served as landlady and head warden.

Paul will soon discover that Annie’s community has long-established secrets that none of the locals wish to reveal to the outside world. Over the course of a few short weeks, he will learn much about his girlfriend and the lengths her family go to, past and present, to preserve what is best left hidden. When a serious threat presents itself, will they have what it takes to deal with it or has time at last run out for all they hold dear?






Book Two – The McTavish Inheritance

Annie McTavish is back in London with husband Paul and daughter Alison after a holiday spent with her family in Scotland. Thoughts of home hang over her final academic year at Frostfair Art College. The following summer, she must decide whether to return to her Highland community to inherit the family inn and the guardianship of a secluded loch or to live a life in the capital, pursuing a career in art amongst the thriving community of a rebuilt Old London Bridge, managed by its aging and enigmatic bridge master.

For the McTavish clan, sibling rivalry and the inherent demands that come with the position of landlady seldom allow for a smooth succession. As with tales from the past, Annie will find the choice before her is more difficult to make than she could ever have imagined.